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Social Media Terms of Use

Healthy Options Australia & Subsidiary Companies Drug Arm Australasia, Mental Health Association of Australia & Australian College of Community Services (referred to herein as ‘The Organisations’)

Social Media accounts maintained by The Organisations are provided as a service to connect with our consumers, volunteers, staff, partners and supporters. We encourage everyone to connect with the Organisations’ accounts where appropriate, and use them as tools for discussion, feedback and to support us where you can. 

Your use of all accounts on social media platforms maintained by The Organisations is subject to the following terms and conditions. You must comply with these terms, as well as the Terms of Use set out by the platform itself.

The Organisations do not endorse any comments, advice, statements, pictures, videos or other content posted on our social media accounts.

The Organisations does not represent or warrant the accuracy of content posted on our social media accounts.

The Organisations will not be liable for any content posted on our social media accounts. The Organisations accept no responsibility for content from external sources on Organisational social media accounts, or interactions that friends, followers or supporters may have on or off our social media accounts.

The Organisations will remove any posts which, (determined by The Organisations at their own discretion);

  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory
  • Use obscene or sexually explicit language
  • Are defamatory or unfairly critical of the Organisations, or other organisations who offer assistance to people in need
  • Violate the rights of any other group or party or engage in bullying, harassment or stalking behaviour
  • Offers advice that is not accurate, helpful or evidence based
  • Discuss methods of suicide or self-harm
  • Discuss drug or alcohol usage in a way that omits the negative effects
  • Encourages conduct that is unlawful
  • Offers medical advice (other than those posted by a medical professional and pre-approved by the Organisations)
  • Are likely to cause offence to other readers for any other reason   
  • Are posted for commercial purposes
  • Are impersonating another individual
  • Are chain letters or pyramid schemes
  • Distribute viruses or other harmful computer code
  • Post the same note more than once or are “spamming”
  • Promote external organisations, products, services, events or competitions, without prior approval from The Organisations.

The Organisations reserve the right to remove any posts that breach the terms listed above without notice, or to block or ban any individual who commits repeated breaches of the above terms after receiving warnings.

In the promotion of new ideas and conversations, The Organisations may choose to provide links to third party websites. Links to a third party site does not automatically imply endorsement or recommendation of the content on those sites. The Organisations are not responsible for the content on third-party linked sites.

Correct credit must be given for all works posted on an Organisational social media account. Posts may be removed if the author or owner is not correctly identified, or the individual posting attempts to take credit for someone else’s work. By posting material on any of the Organisations’ social media accounts you agree that you have the right to do so, and that the material is non-confidential in manner. 

The Organisation’s social media accounts do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a medical professional if you have concerns about your own health, and call 000 for any medical emergency.

As social media accounts are public forums, confidentiality of the information you provide should not be assumed. Do not submit contact information or other personal details via social media. In addition to this, we are obliged to try to protect you and/or others if the information you submit tells us that:

  • You are being seriously hurt by someone else
  • You are thinking of seriously harming yourself
  • Someone else is being, or is likely to be, seriously hurt by you or another person

In the above cases, in order to enact this protection, we may choose to pass on your information to the relevant authorities.

The Organisations are committed to the safety of children and endeavour to provide a child safe environment on all social media platforms. Should you provide information on any social media account which raises concerns about the safety of a child, this information will be forwarded to the appropriate State Child Protection Authority as per our obligations under Child Protection Legislation in each state.