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Support Groups

A support group can provide a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere where members can talk about a particular mental health issue relevant to them as well as give support and encouragement to each other. Meetings provide an avenue for people to come together to share coping strategies, discuss feelings and make new friends.
Drug ARM's premises in Brisbane and the Gold Coast offer a comfortable environment for groups to meet.

What are the benefits of joining a support group?

  • The group can offer increased social connections between individuals, carers and families experiencing mental health issues;
  • The group places a strong emphasis on the value of personal experience, empowerment and informed choice;
  • The group can be a source of support and strength which motivates its members to take action to change their circumstances, become mental health advocates or educate the community about their issues or problems.

Who attends self-help support groups?

Mental health support groups are comprised of people who share the same mental health concerns. Groups are available for people no matter what their age, sex, ethnicity, condition or stage of recovery.
A range of support groups operate from our premises - click on the listings below for more information.

Other Support Groups
For more information on support groups, or if you are interested in hosting a support group or training on the Gold Coast, contact us about hiring our training room.