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At the Mental Health Association Qld we take a holistic approach to recovery. We believe in treating all the factors that contribute to mental health and mental illness, not just the issue by itself. We inform and educate the community by raising awareness, encouraging acceptance and advocating for action on mental health for all Australians.

The more we know about ourselves and our communities, the more we can reduce stigma and take action to improve mental health. Our staff work alongside communities and individuals to help them reach the goals they identify through a range of awareness, education and information and support services. For further information on the services listed below, please contact us

Resources and support

Are you, a loved one or a colleague experiencing a mental health issue?

There is nothing shameful about having an issue with mental health. At any given time 1 in 5 Australians are experiencing mental health issues and although it may not feel like it, there is hope. Sadly, less than 40% of those Aussies access services that can provide support. Whatever your experience of mental health, we are here to provide information and support for you to find the service that suits. We can help you find a service that suits your needs. 

HOA Foundry 

We home a large collection of specialist mental health resources and services for clients and consumers, family and loved ones, schools, media, health and community services and human resources from the HOA Library in our Mental Health Hub in Southport. The HOA Library offers a range of professional information and library services, including an online catalogue, as well as resources for clients and families who are experiencing harm from alcohol and other drugs. Membership is open to the public, contact or visit

Education and training

From our earliest days of existence, education and awareness has been at the heart of the Mental Health Association Qld.

Workplace wellbeing
We offer a range of customised strategies to address organisational and workplace needs relating to mental health management, policy development, health and well-being initiatives, training and support.

Workplace training
In partnership with Drug ARM, Mental Health Association Qld has helped to develop quality resources for the Australian College of Community Services (ACCS) eLearning Library. Our training programs are available online or delivered in person by ACCS facilitators. For more information visit

Popular courses

Program Principles

  • Recovery: All programs and services to assist and support clients to become actively involved in improving their quality of life.

  • Respect clients: All programs and services to incorporate social justice practices that ensure all clients seeking support from the Mental Health Association QLD have equal access to programs and services and are treated with respect and dignity.

  • Client centered service delivery: To ensure that the needs of the clients are central to all interventions delivered by the organisation.

  • Evidence based practice: All programs and services to be based upon sound research and best practice models.

  • Regular monitoring, reviewing and evaluation: All programs and services to be reviewed and evaluated annually.

  • Outcome based practice: All programs and services to contribute to better outcomes for clients, volunteers and staff.

  • Continual improvements: To be committed to continual improvements through the development of a learning culture committed to best management practices.

  • Managing risk: To identify and manage risks for the benefit of clients, volunteers, visitors, staff and the community.

  • Developing relationships with non-government and government agencies: To develop partnerships that enhance the quality of the intervention outcomes for the client. 

  • Skilled staff: To acquire and maintain professional, skilled and motivated staff to work together in coordinated multidisciplinary teams.


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