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Children's Movie Extravaganza - Sydney

Aug 17 2019

The number one need for families of children with severe and often multiple disabilities is respite. The Children’s Movie Extravaganza 2019, aims to give local children with special needs and their families a special gift – a fun-filled day at the movies, including snacks, drinks, and high energy entertainment that will thrill and delight, and at the same time your support will also help fund the ongoing work of Mental Health Association Australia. Mental Health Association Australia is a for-purpose organisation that is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of mental health in the community, and to assist people to access relevant and timely information and appropriate services and support. The Mental Health Association QLD informs and educates the community by raising awareness, encouraging acceptance and advocating for action on mental health for all Australians. Support of the Children's Movie Extravaganza l will assist Mental Health Association Australia to continue to help people build better lives for themselves and their families.