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News In Mind

An exciting new mental health initiative aimed at stigma reduction and early intervention and prevention was launched today at State Parliament.

News in Mind ( is a niche news website dedicated to all things mental health and originates from within the mental health sector.

Established in Brisbane by Daniel and Kylie Hobbs, the platform will now go national through a partnership with the Mental Health Association QLD.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said News in Mind would help contribute to stigma reduction and early intervention and prevention.

“I am acutely aware of the importance of information and education, not only for reducing stigma in the broader community but also for empowering people with a mental illness to seek support and to gain a greater understanding of their illness,” Mr Springborg said.

“Through our mental health reforms, we are working towards a more integrated, evidence-based, recovery oriented system of support and treatment.

“It is great see initiatives like News in Mind complement the work we are doing.”

Founders of the site, Daniel and Kylie Hobbs, were on hand to share their passion and vision for the platform.

“When Kylie and I created News In Mind we were focused on delivering an initiative that would make a tangible difference to people with a mental illness, their families and carers,” said Mr. Hobbs.

“The platform publishes quality, professional news and information on all things mental health, with a strategic undertone of empowering help-seeking behaviours in people with a mental illness and reducing the stigma so often attached to it.”

As the sector looks to innovate and reform, Mental Health Association QLD Executive Director, Dr. Dennis Young, saw considerable value in rolling out News in Mind nationally.

“News in Mind is the kind of innovative thinking the sector needs right now, as it looks to the future and how we might meet the needs of people living with a mental illness and their significant others,” said Dr. Young.

“As service provision becomes more expensive and prevalence rates continue to increase, strategies that target early intervention and stigma reduction will need to be central planks of any future Australian mental health system.”